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Monoclonal Antibody Facility

The Facility provides assistance to researchers wishing to generate monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), ascites fluid and other related services.  

In addition, the Facility uses adult tolerization or Cyclophosphamide immunosuppression approaches to enhance the probability of producing mAbs against particular antigens in a complex mixture or against a specific part of a molecule. 

The Facility has also developed a method to produce high titer polyclonal ascites by immunizing mice with the antigen of interest and then inducing the mice with sarcoma cells.  This method can provide 10-18ml polyclonal ascites fluid per mouse using only small aount of antigens.


Caltech people: $50/hour
Non-Caltech people: $55/hour + 40%           

I.     Custom Hybridoma Development

IImmunization5 hrs & up
IIFusion10 hrs & up
IIIScreening plus freezing50 hrs & up
IVSubcloning plus freezing (per line)15 hrs & up

II.    Ascites Production

               3 mice                                                       10 hrs  

III.     Immunobiochemical Service
          Antibody purification
          Antibody Isotyping

IV.     Polyclonal Ascites Production

          Several advantages over polyclonal antisera production in rabbits.           

(Immunize mice and induce high titer ascites; 10-20ml ascites per mouse)
                3 mice per study                                     10 hours and u

Contact information:
Caltech Monoclonal Antibody Facility
216-76, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA 91125 U.S.A.
Tel: (626)395-3724                                


Adult tolerization
J.A. Lebron, H. Shen, P.J. Bjorkman and S.K. Ou (1999) Tolerization of adult mice to immunodominant proteins before monoclonal antibody production. J. Immunological Methods 222:59-63.

Cyclophosphamide immunosuppression 
S.K. Ou, C. McDonald and P.H. Patterson (1991) Comparative studies of Cyclophosphamide induced immunosuppression and neonatal tolerization. J. Immunological  Methods 145:111-118.

Polyclonal ascites production 
S.K. Ou, J.M. Hwang and P.H. Patterson (1993) A modified method for obtaining large amounts of high titer polyclonal ascites fluid. J. Immunological Methods 165:75-80.