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Seeing Farther and Deeper: An Interview with Katie Bouman

Robert Perkins
New faculty member Katie Bouman uses sparse data to create images that were not possible before, and mines information from images.

Harry Atwater Receives IEEE Cherry Award

Robert Perkins
Caltech's Harry Atwater will receive the 2019 IEEE William Cherry Award.
Harry Atwater

"Neural Lander" Uses AI to Land Drones Smoothly

Robert Perkins
Control engineers and AI experts team up to make drones that fly more smoothly close to the ground
Neural Lander

Caltech Undergrad Weighs in on Privacy Laws

Robert Perkins
CS major Rona Yu prepares to deliver comments to the FTC on privacy.
Rona Yu

Lasers Aim to Replace Scalpels in Cutting-Edge Biopsy Technique

Emily Velasco
Researchers have developed a new imaging technique that uses pulses from two kinds of lasers to take pictures of microscopic biological structures.
A region of a mouse imaged by the dual-laser microscopy technique. It is a purple and green cross section of tissue.

How to Take a Picture of a Black Hole

Robert Perkins
Katie Bouman, soon to join Caltech's faculty, described the work of the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) team to a packed audience on campus on Friday, April 12.
Bouman Talk

Laser Technology Helps Researchers Scrutinize Cancer Cells

Emily Velasco
Photoacoustic microscopy technique allows researchers to analyze metabolic characteristics of cancer cells with laser light
A grid of colored squares on a black background.

Watson Lecture Preview: Azita Emami

Tiny Chips for Brain-Body-Machine Interfaces
Azirta Emami

Levitating Objects with Light

Lorinda Dajose
Specially designed materials enable objects of different sizes to be levitated and manipulated with light, thanks to new research from Caltech scientists.
Conceptual illustration of a nano-patterned object reorienting itself to remain in a beam of light.

Robots Make a Big Splash in Annual Engineering Competition

Emily Velasco
Student-built bots battled for balls in the competition's first amphibious challenge in years
A robot splashes through Millikan Pond with a brightly-colored ball it has captured.