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Levitating Objects with Light

Lorinda Dajose
Specially designed materials enable objects of different sizes to be levitated and manipulated with light, thanks to new research from Caltech scientists.
Conceptual illustration of a nano-patterned object reorienting itself to remain in a beam of light.

Robots Make a Big Splash in Annual Engineering Competition

Emily Velasco
Student-built bots battled for balls in the competition's first amphibious challenge in years
A robot splashes through Millikan Pond with a brightly-colored ball it has captured.

Ali Hajimiri Awarded 2019 Feynman Teaching Prize

Robert Perkins
This year's Feynman Prize for Excellence in Teaching goes to Ali Hajimiri, whose tough but inspirational classes pack lecture halls.
Ali Hajimiri

Two Members of the Caltech Community Elected to National Academy of Engineering

Robert Perkins
Two members of Caltech community receive top engineering honor.
logo of the National Academy of Engineering on a blue background

New Materials Exhibit Split Personality

Robert Perkins
Architected materials behave both as collections of discrete particles and as a continuous mass.
Material stretched

Senior Named Churchill Scholar

Lorinda Dajose
Daniel Assumpcao is one of 16 students in the country to be selected for the scholarship, which funds one academic year of graduate study at the University of Cambridge.
Daniel Assumpcao

Community College Students Thrive at Caltech

Robert Perkins
Through a program run by the nonprofit Base 11, community college students can come work with researchers at Caltech.
Base 11

Researchers Make World's Smallest Tic-Tac-Toe Game Board with DNA

Emily Velasco
Researchers in the lab of Lulu Qian have developed new dynamic DNA origami technology
An artist's rendering of a game of tic-tac-toe played with DNA tiles

Microscopic Devices that Control Vibrations Could Allow Smaller Mobile Devices

Emily Velasco
Nanoscale devices can manipulate vibrations in much the same way that conventional electronics manipulate electrons.
A small integrated circuit rests on a surface next to a time, which is comparable in size

New Climate Model to Be Built from the Ground Up

Robert Perkins
Researchers from across the country team up to re-engineer climate modeling.
Climate modeling