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Siyu (Sisi) Chen

Senior Research Scientist
Siyu Chen
Contact information for Siyu (Sisi) Chen
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Mail Code: MC 216-76
Phone: 626-395-6114

Research Interests

Single-Cell Genomics

Director, SPEC

Director, Beckman Institute Pilot Center for Single-cell Profiling and Cell Engineering

Senior Research Scientist 

Selected Publications

  • Chen, Sisi and Park, Jong H. and Charles, Emeric and Rivaud, Paul and Haliburton, John and Pichiorri, Flavia and Thomson, Matt (2018) Dissecting heterogeneous cell-populations across signaling and disease conditions with PopAlign. (Unpublished)Download <Download>
  • Gehring, Jase and Park, Jong Hwee and Chen, Sisi and Thomson, Matthew and Pachter, Lior (2018) Highly Multiplexed Single-Cell RNA-seq for Defining Cell Population and Transcriptional Spaces. . (Unpublished) Download <Download
  • Sisi Chen, Andrew W. Bremer, Olivia J. Scheideler, Yun Suk Na, Michael E. Todhunter, Sonny Hsiao, Prithvi R. Bomdica, Michel M. Maharbiz, Zev J. Gartner & David V. Schaffer. Interrogating cellular fate decisions with high-throughput arrays of multiplexed cellular communities. Nature Communications volume 7, Article number: 10309 (2016)
  • Chen, Sisi, and David V. Schaffer. "Newborn neuroblasts feel the field in the adult brain." EMBO reports 14.2 (2013): 105-106.
  • Chen, S., et al. "Trap and corral: a two-step approach for constructing and constraining dynamic cell contact events in differentiating progenitor cell populations." Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 21.5 (2011): 054027.
  • Sisi Chen, Luke P. Lee; Non-invasive microfluidic gap junction assay, Integrative Biology, Volume 2, Issue 2-3, 5 March 2010, Pages 130–138,