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Cell and Molecular Biology Training Program

Training Faculty by Division

David Anderson, BBE Michael Elowitz, BBE/EAS Sarkis Mazmanian, BBE Sarah Reisman, CCE
Alexei Aravin, BBE Lea Goentoro, BBE Elliot Meyerowitz, BBE Ellen Rothenberg, BBE
Frances Arnold, CCE Viviana Gradinaru, BBE Richard Murray, BBE/EAS Shu-Ou Shan, CCE
David Baltimore, BBE Mitchell Guttman, BBE Dianne Newman, BBE Mikhail Shapiro, CCE
Jacqueline Barton, CCE Bruce Hay, BBE Alison Ondrus, CCE Angelike Stathopoulos, BBE
Pamela Bjorkman, BBE Andre Hoelz, CCE Victoria Orphan, GPS Paul W. Sternberg*,BBE
Long Cai, BBE Linda Hsieh-Wilson, CCE Lior Pachter, BBE Matthew Thomson, BBE
Judith Campbell, BBE/CCE Rustem Ismagilov, CCE Joseph Parker, BBE David Van Valen, BBE
David Chan, BBE Grant Jensen, BBE Robert Phillips, EAS Alex Varshavsky, BBE
William Clemons, CCE Niles Pierce, EAS Rebecca Voorhees, BBE
Peter Dervan, CCE Henry Lester, BBE David Prober, BBE Zhen-Gang Wang, CCE
Michael Dickinson, BBE Carlos Lois, BBE LuLu Qian, BBE Barbara Wold, BBE
Dennis Dougherty, CCE Stephen Mayo, BE/CCE Douglas Rees, CCE Kai Zinn, BBE