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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Caltech attracts some of the brightest and most creative minds from around the world to populate its faculty, research and administrative staffs, and student body. By seeking out exceptional individuals from a broad range of backgrounds and experiences, Caltech fosters an environment where various perspectives are valued because they serve to advance the Institute's academic excellence and intellectual capacity.

The Division of Biology and Biological Engineering is committed to establishing and maintaining a research, educational, and administrative environment that promotes diversity and inclusion in all of its activities.

We are striving to increase the number of underrepresented students, postdocs, faculty and staff, to maintain an open environment with researchers from many different countries, and to ensure that all members of the BBE community feel welcome and valued.

BBE DEI Committee

Pamela Bjorkman - Faculty
Michael Dickinson - Faculty
Mary Kennedy - Faculty
Rochelle Diamond - Professional Staff
Derrick Morton - Visiting Associate
Leopold Green - Postdoc
Jean Badroos - Graduate Student
Matthew Alexander - Undergraduate
Lauren Breeyear - Staff

Contact us: bbe_dei…AT…caltech.edu