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Facilities and Resources

From culturing mutant types of Drosophila and producing monoclonal antibodies to sequencing and synthesizing macromolecules, BBE's service centers provide a variety of resources. We offer confocal, scanning and transmission electron microscopy and we have fluorescence-activated cell sorters, magnetic resonance imaging machines, a transgenic mouse facility, and protein expression and purification center. Our facilities, centers, and laboratories are located in seven buildings throughout campus:

  • Kerckhoff Laboratories of the Biological Sciences
  • Alles Laboratory for Molecular Biology
  • Norman W. Church Laboratory for Chemical Biology
  • Mabel and Arnold Beckman Laboratories of Behavioral Biology
  • Braun Laboratories
  • Beckman Institute
  • Broad Center for the Biological Sciences

There are also a variety of spaces throughout Biology and Biological Engineering for classes, meetings, and seminars. Please see room reservations for more information.

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